Cash-Free Events


Our system enables organisers to deliver events that are not dependant on cash or credit cards for payment, using “Near Field Communications” technologies embedded into a wrist-band, card, key-fob etc.



Cash-Free Events solves the following problems:

  • Long queues – dramatically speeds up the time taken to order drinks at a bar.
  • Event crashers – because each wristband or card is unique and tied to a specific person, it is not possible for uninvited guests to attend / obtain food & drinks.
  • Theft – at large events, the organisers can be dependent on employing serving staff on a casual basis, which means that cash theft is a common problem.
  • Stock-Control – event organisers invariably do not know how much stock they have sold during an event. Our system displays an instant visual indication of the stock levels of each item.



Each attendee is given a unique NFC tag in the form of a wristband or card etc. They can charge this NFC tag with any monetary amount they want, whenever they want. For example, before the event via a sign-up web page and / or at the event at a ‘top-up station’. As each attendee makes purchases, bar staff simply select the item from our own custom EPOS, and the customer places their NFC tag on the scanner - transaction complete! The system decrements the appropriate amount from the customers account and it prints out a receipt to give the customer giving full details of their purchases and current balance. At any time during the event, the customer is able to ‘top-up’ the balance on their account or get a full refund of any balance left.



In May 2015 we applied the system on its first ‘live’ event, a beer festival in Hampshire. It was very successful! The event organisers loved it because it because it completely cleared all queues (in previous years they used a ‘token system’ which resulted in long queues). The customers also loved it because they were able to get their drinks quickly and the printed receipts gave them a full record of beers consumed over the 4-day event.



  • Beer Festivals – due to the great success of the Beer Festival in May, we would like to target more of these events. Our system has an added bonus for beer festivals - the organisers rarely have an alcohol license for the field where the beer tent is pitched and therefore cash / cards cannot be used for payment. Beer festivals often get around this by using a token system, which is often open to abuse.
  • Weddings – a major problem for wedding organisers is how to offer all guests some drinks at the bar, but at the same time stopping others making use of this free tab (e.g. non-wedding guests at a hotel).
  • Sporting events have problems with large numbers of people trying to purchase food & drinks at the same time (e.g. at half-time). Our system not only reduces the queues during these periods, but also gives the attendees the ability to order drinks to be delivered to their seat (via a separate app we are also developing).


Overview - Here is a video demonstrating the main features of the Cash Free Events system, and how it works:


And here are a few videos of the Cash-Free Events system in action! This was during a 4-day beer festival at the Northbrook Arms in Winchester, Hampshire in May 2015.

Registration - First of all, here are people registering on the system. All people attending are about to register with any amount they wish. They can also top-up at any time.


Cash-Free Events in action - Once people have added money to their account they are able to purchase their beer!


A testimonial - from a customer - Once people have added money to their account they are able to purchase their beer!


Another testimonial - from the organiser - Once people have added money to their account they are able to purchase their beer!