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With LunchMate you can:

  • Avoid Long queues –  People have only limited time during their lunch break. A queue will quickly turn away customers and they will go to your competitors instead
  • Produce more food outside of the busy periods
  • Display up-to-date menus on your web-site as well as on the app (with a single edit)
  • Join the 21st Century!



Very simply, LunchMate is an app for sandwich bars.

Think of LunchMate as Just Eat for sandwich bars or any other lunchtime food provider.

It is an app available on the Apple iTunes App Store and from the Android Google Play Store.

The customer simply downloads the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store (see the links at the top of this page). He / she then simply finds all his / her favourite sandwich bars. There is no limit to the number of sandwich bars that the user can store on his / her phone, and can quickly switch from one to another whenever required.

Making a sandwich bar active allows the user to browse that sandwich bar's full up-to-date menu. The user can order as many items from the menus as desired. Placing the order, sends it direct to the sandwich bar via an Epson receipt printer.

The sandwich bar owner gets supplied with their own web control page where they can update the menus that gets displayed on the phones and also update the prices as often as required. Many other customisation features are also available - it is even possible to customise how the app will look on the users phone by updating logos, colour schemes, etc. It is also possible to add photos of each food item which gets displayed on the app.



For the customer, it ideal for quickly ordering food from your favourite outlets. You store as many outlets as you wish, switching from one to another at the push of a button. By using the app, you will be able to avoid all the queues of people all having their lunch at the same time.

For the restaurateur, it also ideal because it will reduce queuing (which deters a lot of customers), you are able process orders outside of your busy periods, and generate an increased revenue. You are also able to update your food menus via a simple web portal, you can even specify how the app will look on the customers devices!

For corporate canteens: Canteeens for large corporations also have a problem with staff members all taking their lunch at the same time, forming large queues.



The customer downloads the app from either of the App Stores, and then find your sandwich bar. Add as many sandwich bars as you want. Switching to a sandwich bar changes the app to the branding of the sandwich bar. That sandwich bars food menu now becomes active, and the user can select as many food items as desired, with each having multiple options and additions available (e.g. toasted, sandwich, baguette etc.). The user can also specify specific instructions for an item if required.

When the user wishes to send the order, the amount is automatically decremented from his / her account. At this point, the order automatically gets printed out on the receipt printer located at the sandwich bar. Confirmation is then sent to the user that the order has been received.

The user can then pick up the food order from the sandwich bar.



For the customer: It is completely free!

For the restaurateur: £200 setup fee, and then we take 7% transaction cost for all purchases to your outlet.

You will also require a receipt printer. At the moment we are only catering for the Epson 'Intelligent Range' of printers because we have found them to be very reliable. However, we do hope to add functionality for other major suppliers of receipt printers in due course.

We recommend the new (September 2016) TM-T88VI. Anyone purchasing a receipt printer for use with LunchMate will receive a substancial discount.