Products by Tasty Apps

We originally set up Tasty Apps for simply creating custom apps for restaurants. However, this quickly evolved into something else...

We now also have a few products and systems that we have developed over the last few years.


Below is a list of the products we currently have for sale (or free).


A Tasty App!

We design and create bespoke smartphone apps for restaurants and takeaways, pubs and bars, ideal whether you have one location or a chain.


LunchMate is an app for sandwich bars, corporate canteens, school canteens etc.

It was designed to get rid of queues - allowing the vendor to process more orders, and the customers don't lose valuable time from their lunch-breaks.


DataWaiter brings your kitchen closer to your customers by allowing your waiting staff to see  today's menu on their smart devices and to transmit the order directly from the table to the kitchen.

Cash-Free Events

The Cash-Free Events system enables organisers to deliver events that are not dependant on cash or credit cards for payment, using “Near Field Communications” technologies embedded into a wrist-band, card, key-fob etc.